How do I find out the promotional benefits or discounts that are available to me?

 If you signed up for Remitr through a special campaign or applied a promo code after signing up, you are entitled to claim discounts on fees for your payments. The discount on fees may be applicable to local payments, or international payments, or both.
 The discount you receive is automatically displayed on the screen when you initiate a Transfer. E.g., if the normal fee would be $5, and the discount on fee is $5, you do not pay any fees while the transfer is processed.
 The Remitr dashboard shows how much discounts you have availed and how much is unclaimed. To see the details of the promotional offer:
  •  Go to the menu, click on My Account 
  •  Select the Promotions tab
 You will see here the promo code applied to your account. Click on "Show Details" to see the latest transfers where the promotional discounts were applied.
See the screenshot here for where to find the details of Promotions.