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How do I activate my Truly Financial SmartLink account?

Are you a team member with a recently issued SmartLink account? Great! Check out the steps below to activate your account and get started.

Quick Overview

SmartLink accounts are like expenditure accounts. You get access to virtual and physical Visa cards to make purchases, payments, and transfers on behalf of your employer. Your Truly Financial corporate Visa card makes it easy to:

  • Send payments to vendors and suppliers.
  • Keep work expenses separate from personal expenditure.
  • Create multiple virtual cards to segregate expense categories.

Verify Your ID

If you've already verified your ID, skip to the Activate Your Card section below.

Step 1 – Check Your Email

Once your employer has issued you a Truly Financial SmartLink account, you will receive an email with your login credentials. Be sure to check your Spam folder and move us to your inbox.

Step 2 – Accept Terms & Conditions

Next, you'll get transferred to a screen to agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy along with a quick walkthrough of what to expect (as outlined below).

Step 3 – Show Your ID

Upload a photo of your ID (Driver’s License, Passport, or Gov-issued photo ID). You'll be taken to a 3rd party site to do this, so hang tight.

Step 4 – Say Cheese!

Upload a well-lit photo of yourself. Ensure that your face is unobscured and that you remove any hats or glasses as well.

Once your information has been verified, you'll receive an email to help you log into your account. To start using your account, you'll have to complete the following steps:

Activate Your Card

This step is only necessary for physical cards.

Step 1

Log in, go to your Accounts screen and select your SmartLink account.

Step 2

Click the "Activate Physical Card" button.

Follow the prompt to confirm the Activation Code on the back of your card and set a PIN.

That's it! You can now start using your Truly Financial SmartLink account to make payments.