What are the steps to set up my application with the Remitr API?

API Documentation and API Key:

Once you login to Remitr, click on the company name on the top-right, go to Settings and click on the API tab.

Here, you will find the API key and the documentation. This API key is to be used with your live account. We recommend using a “test account” for trying the API, in order to keep testing data separate from your actual Remitr account (see below).

Setup a test account:

We recommend to use a separate test account on Remitr in order to check how to use Remitr APIs. This helps your engineering team to implement the APIs and send test data, without having to deal with junk data in your "live" Remitr account.

To sign up for a test account, click here. You will need to sign up with a different email id and phone number from the one used for your primary account.

Note:You need a valid email id and mobile number in order to successfully login and use your test account.